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New single dropping February 16th!

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We are century Worship

We are a family of Worship Leaders and Artists that create content out of the heart of Bethel Church in NWI for the heart of our God and the good of His Church.

Beyond All Measure

This song is rare in the world of worship music. It's a biblical, authentic and honest walkthrough of lament like you'd find in Psalms and Lamentations. We pray this song would encourage your heart and become a tool to use in the hard times of life.

He Is Alive

We believe that the ultimate display of God’s goodness to us was the death and resurrection of Jesus. Because He is alive, we have hope beyond circumstance. Because He is alive, we can turn from sin and chase Jesus with all we have. Because He is alive, there is a way for us to be together with Him as co-heirs.

Even if we don’t fully understand our circumstances on this side of heaven, we can live now knowing that one day, we will forever be with the One who won the victory and made all things right.

Stay Tuned


Enjoy our songs written out of the stories and seasons of our church for the glory of God and the good of our people.

Stay Tuned


We are a collective of Worship Leaders, Artists, Songwriters, and Creatives rooted in Bethel Church. We strive to craft beautiful songs that the church can use to sing glories to God.

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