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The glory of Jesus is worth nothing less than all we can give.

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The glory of Jesus is worth nothing less than all we can give. We want to convey just how vital a role He has played in how we're living out our lives.

We write songs in response to God's unique work in and among us at our church… whether it be the stories, seasons, or Scriptures God has us in.

"I can't pick one! But, the lyrics "Your love unlike any other. It never fails to protect and pursue. " fron "Sounds Like Heaven" really struck me. I find that when I am struggling and my heart is heavy, I tend to forget that. So unbelievably grateful that God always pursues me."

We write songs for people who feel as if they are lost or without hope, and God has used our music to speak hope into their lives.

We know, and we want others to know, that God will always meet you where you're, and there is always sunshine after a storm.

We strive to reach our voices to the Heavens so He can hear our praises. Our goal is to sing a new song to the Lord, and we want to create a masterpiece that will honor and illuminate

His glory and grace speak life into weary souls. We want to offer ourselves to give melody to God's work and to offer our songs as worship to the God that made and loves us.

Our prayers for the songs we write are blessings upon our church. We trust in the Lord that expanding His house will be fruitful and that his pews will be full.

We pray our voices will reach the hearts of the beaten, and they find comfort in the house of God, and our voices help soothe their spirit. We want to welcome people home to a supportive community and a God that loves His children.

We can never write or sing enough songs about the great God we serve. We pray our music most of all glorifies God. We want to spread the joy of salvation and touch hardened hearts.

We can't wait to be one of many voices adding to the roaring sound of praise happening across the globe. We are honored to be doing the work we are doing and pray that we continue to produce worship that serves and pleases our mighty God.

Century Worship Band Group

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