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We are century Worship

We are a family of Worship Leaders and Artists that create content out of the heart of Bethel Church in NWI for the heart of our God and the good of His Church.

Sounds Like Heaven1

Check out or New album

Sounds Like HEaven

This project has been years in the making. The journey involved much prayer, and our songs were a "wav" form for a long time. There were endless writes and re-writes, many hours of labor, countless moments spent in prayer, fine-tuning and re-working the melodies. We dedicated ourselves and put in hard work our faith fully resting in the Lord.

Our goal was to bring to life the powerful truth of the gospel with beautiful melodies, and we couldn't be happier to share these songs with you.

We pray that this album will encourage you in your walk and make you long for the sound of heaven... when we are all fully in the presence of Jesus. There's nothing better than people from different backgrounds and ages being united in worshiping the One who brings us together. When we sing to the Lord... it's a small taste of how we think Heaven would sound.

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Enjoy our songs written out of the stories and seasons of our church for the glory of God and the good of our people.

Stay Tuned


We are a collective of Worship Leaders, Artists, Songwriters, and Creatives rooted in Bethel Church. We strive to craft beautiful songs that the church can use to sing glories to God.


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